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The venue

Country dancing requires space. Ensure the venue has adequate room for the number of people expecting to attend.

We strongly suggest a dancing space of at least four square metres (2m x 2m) for every eight people.

A hard non slippery surface is preferable to a soft (carpeted type) surface.

Some venues do not have a permanent dance floor and therefore set up, a portable interlocking tile dance floor. over a carpeted floor, This is fine provided that the expanse covered is of an area suitable to accommodate the number of dancers expected.

We have found it preferable to dance wholly on carpet rather than a mixture of carpet and portable dance flooring as there is less chance of people tripping up.

The Band

Placing the Band on a stage or raised platform works best. It is easier for the dancers and the Caller if the Caller can be seen over the heads of the dancers.

If the band is not to be on a stage, due consideration should be made to ensure accessibility to power sockets, fire exits and sufficient space for the musicians to actually play; for their equipment and adequate clearance from the dancers. Without it we have known over enthusiastic dancers to plough into the musicians occasionally! This in turn tends to create a little disruption.

Please note the Band requires access to the venue at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the dancing, in order to set up equipment and check audio levels etc.

At least thirty minutes should be allocated at the end of the dancing for the Band to dismantle equipment and pack up.

Our aim is to please and therefore endeavour to meet the organisers time table, requirements and expectations.

It is your event, we are here to serve you.

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