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The Band consists of four very experienced musicians that can play a number of instruments. Two of our numbers also play in a local orchestra, another in a rhythm and blues band, while the fourth is involved with local folk groups, playing music and teaching folk dance.

Our prime instruments are violin, piano accordion and bass guitar. Occasionally we also invite guest musicians to accompany us and are amenable to play for a guest caller.

Under the name of the Splendid Shilling, the band has been in existence for around twenty years, although prior to that the band was formed from the core members of a country dance band established in 1975 called the ‘Squire Frith’ based originally in Chapel-en-le Frith, Derbyshire.


Our Caller has been calling and playing music for country dancing for over forty years.

We are affiliated members of the English Folk Dance and Song Society

The name Splendid Shilling was chosen to reflect that, like the old shilling coin, much enjoyment may be acquired for the outlay of a modest sum.

The shilling coin, introduced in the 1500’s was finally phased out in the 1970’s with the decimalization and replaced by the 5p.